I fully expected both belly and live hog futures to skyrocket as the demand from Washington to feed a pork starved system exploded. It was nice being a superpower during my entire lifetime to date.

Cynical? Yeah, a little. And I am 100% behind the President but when he says the bill is imperfect I agree.

I have heard all sorts of ways to jump start the economy including taking the TARP money and distributing it to every adult man and woman citizen. It would come out to several thousand apiece and I know that would ease my pain. Imagine how that would feel to someone without a job.

My thought was to create the Bank of the USA and lend directly to homebuyers and businesses to keep capital flowing. Let the stupid banks and brokers that poisoned us go under and all of their innocent employees can work for the BofUSA. Guess who would have direct control for executive salaries that way? And to get good managers give them options in the new companey

And when all is well, take the bank public and sell all government shares. If successful, the managers would make a killing.

Just a thought. Why do we continue to prop up failed institutions buy funding failed managers?

Capitalism, wherefore art thou?