“Your actions affect your attitude and your attitude drives your actions. It can indeed be powerful to get your actions and your attitude working consistently in the same direction.”

As we enter a new year, I find these words from the Daily Motivator of particular import to my life as a futures trader. More than anything else, your daily attitude affects your ability to perform successfully as a futures trader. If you stay positively focused, you will be able to assess your position will confidence and pull the trigger at the precise moment to ensure maximum profitability. Allow negativity or self-doubt to eat away at your confidence and you will fail.

Everyone has the occasional bad day. But whether it’s a trading loss or a crisis in your personal life, you can’t let feelings of negativity engulf you. You have to “shake it off,” “get back on the horse, “get back in the game.” Hackneyed though the sayings may be, they carry a large truth. The only way to succeed is to refuse to allow yourself to be beaten down. You have to maintain faith in yourself and confidence in your ability to succeed. You have to stay positive.

There are many ways to renew your positive energy each day. I enjoy a brisk walk or run in the early morning. The exercise recharges my physical batteries and participating in the beginning of a fresh, new day revitalizes my spirit. Exercise, daily motivations and personal affirmations are all ways to recharge your positive energy before you tackle a new trading day. Experiment, discover the activities that keep you positively motivated, and make them a daily part of your life. The more positive energy you can maintain in your life, the better trader you’ll be.

Ralph Marston ends his December 22, 2007 Daily Motivator with a thought I’d like to pass along to all of you:

“Whether it’s through your actions or through your attitude, there’s always a way to introduce a more affirmative perspective into your life. Stay focused on the positive possibilities and life will continue to grow more richly rewarding.”

My best wishes for a brighter, happier, more profitable 2008!

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