Cardinal Health Inc.
(CAH) announced that the use of the preoperative skin preparation, ChloraPrep, is significantly more effective than both DuraPrep and povidone-iodine at eliminating overall bacteria from the shoulder region. After antisepsis with ChloraPrep, only 7% of skin cultures tested positive for bacteria compared to 19% for DuraPrep and 31% for povidone-iodine.
The data was published by The Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery recently. ChloraPrep is a product of Cardinal Health’s subsidiary, CareFusion, which the company will spin-off with effect from Aug 31.
ChloraPrep is a preoperative skin preparation that reduces bacteria and other microorganisms on the patients’ skin before any medical and surgical procedures. The drug remains effective for at least 48 hours after its application and reduces the risk of dangerous bloodstream and surgical site infections. 
Bacteria on the skin is the primary cause of surgical site infections. These infections occur when bacteria and other microorganisms found on a patient’s skin or on the hands of a health care worker enter the patient’s body through an incision site. Infections following surgery are dangerous and can result in re-hospitalization and additional surgery/treatment.    
The newly published data is a shot in the arm for Cardinal Health as it will boost demand for ChloraPrep and will increase the company’s top-line. Cardinal Health is one of the largest global healthcare companies that helps pharmacies, hospitals and ambulatory care sites to focus on low-cost patient care. The company is also a leading manufacturer of medical and surgical products.
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