Have you ever wanted to fire off a post from your phone, Blackberry, Outlook at work…? Following on from Comment Reply Via Email we’re introducing our latest feature to make it even easier to publish to your blog: Post by Email.

Maybe you’re on holiday and want to show your journey. Maybe you’ve captured something with your cell phone that you just have to share. Maybe you’re at work and should be doing something else. With Post by Email you can keep everyone up-to-date without even opening a browser.

Post by Email is super simple to use. From the new My Blogs menu you can generate special email addresses:

My Blogs

You can create as many email addresses as you need, one for each blog you have access to.

Now for the fun part – send an email!


You can send email from any email client, whether in a browser, on your desktop, or from your cell phone, and as much formatting will be retained as possible.

Attachments are not left out, and your images will be included and automatically converted into thumbnails.  If you include multiple images they’ll be converted into an attractive gallery.  Now you can take photos anywhere and have them appear on your blog in moments.

iphone holiday

If you’ve purchased the Space Upgrade then MP3 attachments will be displayed using our audio player. If you’ve purchased the VideoPress upgrade then you can also include videos.

There really is no easier way to get media onto your blog.

holiday snaps

If this hasn’t whetted your appetite, here’s a quick run-down of Post by Email features:

  • Transcoding of any video files supported by the WordPress video player (mp4, mov, wmv, avi, mpg, and m4v).
  • Automatic removal of standard signature blocks, with support for manual removal of other signatures.
  • Add your email addresses directly into your address book using downloadable vCards. (You don’t even need to remember the address!)
  • Automatic notification of a published email post.
  • Conversion of YouTube URLs into embedded videos.

For advanced users wanting that little bit extra, full control of your post is possible through special shortcodes, with details provided on the Post by Email support page.

It’s time to start emailing again!