I was flipping through some books in the book store over Christmas I saw something similar to this in the Investor’s Almanac. So I borrowed the idea for this post (thanks Investor’s Almanac).
With President Elect Obama’s swearing in ceremony coming up in about 25 days it is somewhat interesting to have a look at what the first year in office typically looks like for new U.S. presidents.

George-W-Bush.jpegPresident Bush(R)
100px-Clinton.jpgPresident Clinton(D)
George_H._W._Bush_-_portrait.gifPresident G. HW. Bush(R)
REAGANWH.jpgPresident Regan(R)
James_E._Carter_-_portrait.gifPresident Carter(D)
Gerald_R._Ford_-_portrait.gifPresident Ford(R)
Rn37.gifPresident Nixon(R)
Lyndon_B._Johnson_-_portrait.gifPresident Johnson(D)
John_F_Kennedy_Official_Portrait.jpgPresident Kennedy(D)
100px-Dwight_D._Eisenhower%2C_official_Presidential_portrait.jpgPresident Eisenhower (R)
HarryTruman.jpgPresident Truman(D)
Fr32.gifPresident Roosevelt(D)
Hhover.gifPresident Hoover(R)

I’ll let you draw some of your own conclusions on the info presented here, there seem to be a number of conclusions that can be made.