This post provides links to a number of interesting articles I have read over the past few days that you may also enjoy. Please also add the links to any other thought-provoking articles you would like to share to the comments section.

• Nouriel Roubini (Forbes): Are there bright spots amid the global recession?, August 6, 2009.
A snapshot of the better economies.

• Gillian Tett (Financial Times): The liquidity pipes remain clogged, August 6, 2009.
Banks seem unwilling to use spare liquidity to engage in activity that regulators or shareholders might deem risky.

• Joseph Stiglitz (Project Syndicate): Keep shovelling that stimulus, August 7, 2009.
What is needed now is another dose of fiscal stimulus. If that doesn’t happen, we can look forward to an even longer period in which the economy operates below capacity, with high unemployment.

• Samuel Brittan (Financial Times): Economists shuffle the deckchairs, August 6, 2009.
What matters is whether economists can identify significant turning points and systemic failures in good time. They cannot.

• In defence of the dismal science, August 6, 2009.
In a guest article, Robert Lucas, the John Dewey Distinguished Service Professor of Economics at the University of Chicago, rebuts criticisms that the financial crisis represents a failure of economics

• The other-worldly philosophers, July 16, 2009.
Although the crisis has exposed bitter divisions among economists, it could still be good for economics.

• Daniel Indiviglio (The Atlantic): Is Geithner the next Fed chairman?, August 6, 2009.

• Anita Raghavan (Forbes):Crispin Odey’s apocalyptic worldview, August 4, 2009.
A fiscal crisis in Britain gets ugly, leading to social unrest and inflation, warns the fund manager.

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