Well, at this rate – with 50 days in row with losses like this, I will be $1K in the hole. I think the 100 share positions will be in place for awhile.

Still a good day in any case, I’m slowly getting used to the Laser platform – executions are amazingly fast compared to any retail broker. By the end of the week, I want to honker down and get focused on following my rules better to determine if it’s my behavior or my strategy that is not working. Right now, my trading feels really rusty – like how you feel in the morning when you first wake up. Report on today’s trades 3/03/09:

Stock Shares Gross Fee Net S/L Notes
FIG 100 4 -1.62 2.38 S Covered way too early
FAS 100 -11 -1.76 -12.76 L Rally failed, good exit
BX 100 -16 -1.62 -17.62 S Did not have stop order in
MAPP 100 14 -1.76 12.24 S Decent cover
TXT 100 -3 -1.34 -4.34 S MM took my stop order?
DDR 100 -2 -1.62 -3.62 L Rally failed, good exit
SLM 100 5 -1.84 3.16 S End of Day cover