We are using this list to gather names of members who either currently use or want to use Think Or Swim.

I will be contacting our rep with results and seeing what kind of rate we can negotiate with them as a group. We already have a special PSW Member Rate but it seems to me we have sent more than our fair share of people their way and it’s come to our attention that we should be able to do better.

We love TOS and do not want to leave them but I also intend to check out rates at a few other brokers as well.

Please use the comments to tell us whoyou use now and, if you don’t mind, use the format X,XXX or XX,XXX or XXX,XXX for account size (as that would matter) AND I MEAN USE X’s – DON’T PUT DOWN THE NUMBERS PLEASE!

Also, if you know, the number of contracts traded per month would be good to know as a lot of their calculations are based on trading volume. We assume most of you are paying $1 per contract or a little more, if anyone is paying less and doesn’t mind saying so, that would be good information too.


– Phil