iclk.jpginterCLICK, Inc. (ICLK.OB) is the provider of Internet advertising solutions for Internet publishers and advertisers in the United States. The primary operation of the company is the interCLICK Network, an online ad network that combines behavioral targeting with site by site reporting, allowing advertisers to identify and track their desired audience. After analysing the company’s performance in the year 2008, I have noticed two increases and two decreases in the filings.

The current assets have increased by 109% comparing the results of March and December, i.e. it moved from $3,838,000 up to $8,036,000. Besides that the gross profit jumped up twice: from more than one million dollars to over three million dollars.

The decreases in interCLICK cover the reduction of the long-term debt from $78,000 to $9,000. In addition, the operating loss hasn’t become larger but has rather declined: in March the loss was of $2,898,000 and in December it remained $544,000.

On the one hand, the company seems to be recovering from the bad situation but there is one thing which does not improve this situation: interCLICK bought stock promotion service for $20,000 from Lebed.biz.