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Don’t just forecast the market, predict it! Identify profitable trading opportunities in seconds.

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Dear Trader,

Did you ever wish for a crystal ball that can tell you when the market is going up or down? How about a personal trading advisor that can recommend when to enter a trade? If you said yes to either one of these, you are not alone. Imagine if you had a trading platform that did both and was easy to use. A trading platform with no complex portfolios, no difficult software and no expensive data feeds. After a few brainstorm sessions and lots of coffee, we built Quant Trader EOD (End of Day). We also added simple portfolio building, easy to use software and a free data feed. In fact, Quant Trader is so effective and easy to use that a trader with literally no experience can be up and running in one day.

Here are a few of the tools included in Quant Trader:

« Predictor package with 21 different predictors. A built in expert system tells you which predictor to use with each market.

« Charting with free data.

« Built in trading strategy for each predictor. Comes complete with back testing and specific buy/sell signals.

« Portfolio Optimizer for use with the predictors. Add stocks to your portfolio and push the calculate button. That’s all there is to it.

« Lag Plot. See if one market leads another market and by how much. Find your own leading “indicator” for your favorite stock. Also good for spread traders and portfolio managers.

« Adaptive indicator package. The built in fractal metanet will optimize a wide variety of filters and indicators for you. Plot them directly on the chart.

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Note: The risk of loss in trading securities, futures, currencies, security futures, options, foreign equities and other products can be substantial.