Associations are often a strong motivator for human behavior. They may have played a part in the performance of Rapid Fire Marketing, Inc. (PINK:RFMK).

RFMK_chart.pngFriday was a second 100% plus day for RFMK. The price of the stock ran 108.70% to close at $0.024 per share – a new high for 2011. The volume of approximately 48 million shares is a new 52-week high for RFMK.

The company has two operating subsidiaries. One is Medical Cannabis Management. It is engaged in marketing, consulting and management services for the medical cannabis industry.

The other subsidiary is, and it’s a retailer of electronic cigarettes and accessories.[BANNER]

The recent run up of SFIO, also in the electronic cigarettes business, seems to have helped the performance of RFMK.

While both subsidiaries of RFMK have potential, the numbers are missing. With nearly half the year gone, the latest financial report of the company remains the annual for 2010. That apparently doesn’t bother traders much.

Bionic_logo.jpgIt will be interesting to see if the run will continue today. It very well might, if the “solid news” that some posters expect does come out.