Envit Capital Group, Inc. (ECGP.PK) has recently paid $25,000 for the stock promotion to TryBestPennyStocks.com. Let’s look at this company in a more detail and try to discover why this promotion was needed.

Envit Capital Group, Inc. is development stage boutique investment banking, securities and investment management firm. At the end of April, it announced about the new acquisition of 20% Strategic Asset Consulting, Inc., a registered investment advisor located in Memphis Tennessee. However, being a non-reporting company, Envit’s deals are not justified by filing the 8-K form, the announcements of major events that shareholders should know about. Thus this does not seem to be legible.

The stock chart indicates that yesterday ECGP stock dropped down by almost 17%. However, the volume seems to have increased during last months. All in all, I don’t think there could be much trust in a company like this. $25,000 that there paid to TryBestPennyStocks.com were supposed to improve the reputation of this pink sheet stock. Did it help? I will let you decide that.