To my loyal legion of readers, I start this column with an apology. Traditionally, the month of December is so slow, most realtors pack it in on December 1st, and wake from their comas on the 2nd of January. However, for us mortgage brokers, the exact opposite happens, hence the column shortage.

To those of you looking to refinance your 5/1 Interest Only ARMs, yes, this is a good time. Rates are lower today than they have been for the last year. It’s possible to get a 30 year fixed loan in the 5’s without paying a massive truckload of discount points.

In our columns to follow we’ll start discussing the following topics and what they mean to you as a real estate investor, buyer, mortgage holder and note holder: Yield Curve Inversion (see the link in the 4th paragraph for instructional graphics), Private Mortgage Insurance and recent tax code changes regarding it, When to Prepay, and many more topics.

Until then, have a safe and Happy New Year