Just to be clear, today’s column takes a longer-term view. Buying them now after the past one week of rocket ship to the moon gains is not a good idea.

My point was that I like them a whole lot better now than the last time they rallied (April-May). Note, I did not say I liked them at these prices! It is just that the technical aura they now exude is more confident and certainly they are much farther down the road in terms of basing and recovery.

As for my first day off in eight years, thanks for the well wishing last week. There is nothing like sitting on a rock on a plateau above the tree line looking up at the summit with literally no people around for hundreds of yards. The silence was refreshing and recharging.

Why not revel in the actual summit? They say that Mt. Washington, where I was, has the worst weather in the country. They are not kidding. Not a half hour after my blissful rest stop it started to sleet and rain and the wind kicked up to 50 mph at the summit (70 mph gusts). Welcome to summer!

Sometimes the decision not to do something, as in brave the summit or chase a stock, is the best decision.