Do you know of any equity broker whose platform has stop loss and limit stop capabilities?

Roman from Researchville


Roman, when I first got the idea that I wanted to learn how to trade, I thought to myself, “Where do I begin?” Your question clearly implies you are at the same place, and if that is true, then I will give you the answer I came up with for myself—research.

In my opinion, research is the way to go for just about anything anyone wants to learn, and if I might say so, this skill is one of the most important anyone can learn in life, that is, if anyone wants to know more about how things work in life. Relying on others to answer your life questions means you will never gain the insight that comes with finding your own answers. And that insight, my friends, is the key to formulating reliable conclusions, which is paramount in making good choices.

As to your question, if you don’t know how to research, or if you are looking for someone else to “hand you” even the most basic answers in your process of learning how to trade, don’t bother. Give it up. You will lose your money. Finding an equity broker that “has stop loss and limit stop capabilities“ is about as basic as it gets. On the other hand, if you truly believe you do want to learn how to trade, go find your answer, and when you do, the answers to a host of other questions you have and will have will magically appear.

Everyone, my role here is to help you help yourself, not just give you answers. So let me help you help yourself with this bit of advice. Trading is a skill that requires initiative, as well as the ability to find answers. So find out what you can, and if you get stuck, meaning you have researched and you still cannot find your answer, write to me and I will lead you to the next step, if I can.

Trade in the day; invest in your life …

Trader Ed