This is not a post about how retail stocks are going to stampede higher based on the early indications of Black Friday sales. No, this is a much more somber post about a tragedy that occurred here on Long Island (NYC suburb) this /br /Wal-Mart greeter killed by shopper stampede (Newsday)br /A throng of shoppers physically broke down the doors and pushed their way into the store killing the 34-year old man at the Green Acres Mall in Valley Stream, Nassau police /br /Not only that, four shoppers, including a pregnant woman, were taken to the hospital for /br /Is this what we are all about? When has going shopping for bargains at 4 am – yes four in the morning – turned into the national pastime? We all should be ashamed, especially since it was only hours earlier we celebrated a great tradition of cooperation (that’s the real story behind Thanksgiving) and /br /My condolences to the man’s family.