Tried to short eur-usd for asian market with one fib calculation for asian market I thought would be usefull, but it didn´t work out instead blowed me out immediately, twice actually. With so bullish oscillators in all timeframes I suppose was not very wise thing to try to do.

Mentioned one´s relation between the stockmarket and Eur-Usd, it´s gone. While stockmarket went up all this time eur-usd came down for many weeks or even months. After it finally found bottom at 1.2900 stockmarket found top.

Now it seems everything works vicaverca also, while stocks consolidate and coming down Eur-Usd takes real uplegs. This is a bit weird issue won´t go my head but perhaps one person do not need to understand everything  but it all happened pretty much at the same time, top and bottom.