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We find our Close of the week seeing The Dollar lose “Safe-Haven” status as Risk Appetite returns on the momentum of strong Equity Correlations during Earnings Season.

Crude and Gold clip losses of the last several Sessions with significant gains to reach new “Transitive Rollover’ Res0stance0becoming-Support areas.

While YoY GDP was slightly better @ 1.0% vs. Consensus of 1.5%… MOM is still in Contraction, as the “Stability” we keep hearing about simply is not supported by a clear “Base” group of Data Points.

As I have said repeatedly in the Blog… One Positive Data Point does not a Recovery Make!

Let’s have a look at The Euro… where despite it’s inherently weak and “directionless” Behavior of late… we realized a sharp rally today potentially bringing  back Institutional Bullish Builds moving into next week on Sunday at the Sydney Open.

Here is the Hourly View, and Post-Time is 19:00 GMT at the NYSE Close.



The Break of the Dynamic Magenta Range at the 1.4080’s-1.4130’s see a Volatility Breakout scenario where Price is progressing into a “textbook” Bull Flag Formation.

Full Completion of the Flag calls for the 1.4400 Handle in the Near to Mid-Term.

In the Immediate-Term, Price needs to maintain the 1.4180’s Static Support levels, as failure towards the  1.4150’s/20’s will negate a potential Price “Extension” to the 1.4300 Handle.





Both the Dow and the S&P out on the Daily Views provide clear Momentum to continue with two weeks of Price Appreciation and Sentiment moving into the first week of August.

While in my personal view we are rather overextended here, and reaching true mis-priced “Outliers”… remaining above the 9000 Handle in the Dow and the 950’s in the S&P are significant within themselves as the 50/200 SMA “Golden Crosses” of the moving averages certainly can attest to.









Of course, we will continue on with a new week and check back in Sunday for The Sydney Open!

Have a fine weekend, Everyone and please join me then!