Pall Corp.
(PLL) recently agreed with Russian Helicopters JSC to provide Centrisep air cleaner filters for Mil Mi-8 and Mi-17 civil transport helicopters. Russian Helicopters is one of the largest helicopter producers in the world.

The company’s Mil Mi-8 is the aerospace industry’s most-produced helicopter, with nearly 12,000 units manufactured since 1968 and over 2500 currently in service. More than 1000 of the heavier transport Mi-17 version, introduced in 1974, are currently in-service and the helicopter is still in production.

Pall’s Centrisep air cleaners protect helicopter engines from airborne contamination by utilizing centrifugal force to continuously remove particles, such as sand, dust and salt spray, before they can enter the engine air intake. The engine air particle separator technology extends the life of a helicopter engine guarding against erosion, while enhancing engine safety, reliability, availability and performance.

Over 40,000 helicopters are currently in service worldwide, excluding piston-powered, single-engine craft. Industry forecasts over $14 billion revenue in additional helicopter production in 2010.

Pall Aerospace provides fluid filtration and separation solutions for a broad range of military and commercial aircraft. Its filter products are used on all major rotorcraft brands worldwide. Centrisep air cleaners have been protecting helicopter engines since the 1960s. Over fifty different designs have been certified and operate worldwide.

Pall Corp. is a filtration, separation and purification leader providing Total Fluid Management solutions to meet critical needs of customers in biopharmaceutical, hospital and transfusion medicine, energy and alternative energy, electronics, municipal and industrial water, aerospace, transportation and broad industrial markets. We currently have a Neutral recommendation on Pall.

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