Ryder System Inc.
(R), a leading supply chain, warehousing and transportation solutions provider, has been recently recognized for its green initiatives and strong commitment to supply chain sustainability.

The company was named as “Inbound Logistics Green Supply Chain Partner” by Inbound Logistics, a leading trade magazine targeted toward business logistics and supply chain managers. It will feature as one of 25 companies selected by the Inbound Logistics magazine that are leaders in supply chain sustainable businesses.

Ryder’s recognition was due to the adoption of efficient and cost-effective supply chain solutions that add value for customers. The company offers various vehicle technologies and supply chain solutions that improve overall transportation efficiencies and reduce fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions to a large extent.

Ryder is also an Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) SmartWay Carrier and Logistics Partner. This program is a joint collaboration between EPA and the freight sector as a whole and is designed to improve energy efficiency, reduce greenhouse gas and air pollutant emissions and energy security.

The company believes that its recent inclusion in the premiere issue of Inbound Logistics magazine would further supplement its leading position in the industry and establish it as the pioneer of sustainable transportation solutions and services.

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