A next-generation customer service solution with Service Cloud 2 is the new offering from Salesforce.com (CRM). In the recent past, the company has enhanced its cloud computing capabilities and innovated products, turning into an enterprise cloud computing company. It has also launched the service cloud facility this year, which has generated around 8,000 customers for the company to date. 

The Service Cloud 2 is an enhanced solution to customers, including Salesforce Knowledge, Salesforce Answers and Salesforce for Twitter. As per a survey, Service Cloud customers of Salesforce have witnessed a 28% increase in customer satisfaction, 37% increase in service and support productivity and 26% increase in customer retention. 

Under this new facility, Salesforce Knowledge will enable companies to deploy its knowledge base within days in some mobile devices and public websites without installing expensive hardware. This apart, it will also help customer service agents to find solutions quickly, thereby enhancing the customer service experience. 

Salesforce Answers will deliver great online experience that will help companies to utilize the expertise of cloud computing and information available in social websites and online communities, to bring the correct answer to their customers. At the same time, Salesforce for Twitter combined with Service Cloud will provide companies a platform to join the real-time customer service conversations taking place on Twitter. We believe the Service Cloud 2 version offers a bundle of opportunities and solution to the customers. 

The company is continuing with its process of innovation and exploring new business channels. Recently, Salesforce launched “Contact Manager”, which will help small businesses manage contacts and track customer relationships at a reasonable cost of $9 per user per month. We believe this will give Salesforce.com access to the small business segment and open up new sources of revenue. 

This apart, to expand the reach of Force.com, the company has recently announced the new Force.com value-added reseller (VAR) program. This was an intelligent business decision by the company, which indicates that it is in the process of expanding its cloud computing business and opening it to external partners. We believe that these initiatives are clear indications that the company is growing into a major player in the cloud computing market.
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