(SAP) recently launched new community network offerings such as additional Business Process Expert (BPX) communities dedicated to understanding International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), implementing SAP Business Suite 7 software and supporting the newly announced PlaNet Finance partnership.

SAP will now serve as an OpenID provider, which will enable easier access to the large network of partners and other resources offered by the SAP community network.

Technological enhancements have improved the user experience for community network members by making searches and access to content easier. With the introduction of the SAP community network’s OpenID, members can use Single Identity managed by OpenID foundation to access multiple Web sites with one sign-on. Members will have the convenience of using the same identity to log onto different sites, which simplifies the overall experience by eliminating the need to remember multiple passwords and user names.

The success of the SAP community network can be directly attributed to the openness and the ability of members to provide feedback on the content contributed by others. The rating and ranking features allow direct feedback from community members to help other members navigate through large amount of content available in the community network virtual library.

In support of the long-term strategic collaboration between SAP and PlaNet Finance, a leading international non-profit organization that provides support services to microfinance institutions in some of the poorest regions of the world, SAP launched a new community initiative to encourage active contribution by the community and help under-served markets.

The SAP community network is an active and vibrant community of customers, partners, employees and other thought leaders from around the world that share knowledge and experience on numerous SAP-related topics.

Headquartered in Walldorf, Germany, SAP is one of the largest independent software vendors in the world and the leading provider of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software. Its solutions are designed to cater to the needs of organizations, ranging from small and medium businesses to large global enterprises. Its major competitors are Microsoft Corp. (MSFT), Oracle Corp. (ORCL) and International Business Machines (IBM).

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