It has been a strong couple of weeks for stocks, and so, Top Equity News expected to see many new names in our Sector Selector buy lists. Strangely, we found few. Instead, many, many charts showed more of a pause pattern before moving lower than reversals higher. Not a backwards J more like an L.

Two possible takeaways from our technical analysis review are the market is going to start consolidating, or investors are going to see some more downside. A third is that the S&P will be a better place to have you money than most industries.

However, two emerging buy candidates stood taller than the rest, Industrial Transportation stocks and Railroad stocks have real sharp charts, and Top Equity believes the duo could be strong, out-performers in the weeks ahead. We will highlight a few names tomorrow from both sectors that we believe are worthy of consideration based on TEN’s technical and fundamental review.

EMERGING BUY: industries with positive technical analysis traits that are in the early stages, indicating possible above average returns in the near-term:

Food Retail & Wholesale
Industrial Transportation
Electronic Office Equipment
Platinum & Metals
Mobile Telecom

: industries that have outperformed and their charts suggest the above average returns could continue:

Financial Administration
Fixed Telecom
Health Care
Tobacco (now that’s ironic right after HC – don’t you think?)

: industries that have underperformed and, based on their current chart patterns, could continue to lag:

Auto Parts
Consumer Electronics
Coal (is dead)
Commercial Vehicles
Heavy Construction

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