by John Bougearel author of Riding the Storm Out: What Do Investors Do Now?

I can’t believe that Dodd just said “this legislation won’t stop the next crisis from coming”

What a total jackass Dodd has been and always will be!

Jon Stewart retort to Dodd: “You can’t short your own reform bill.”

Later, and more disturbingly, CNN correspondent Christine Romans who summarized Lehman’s bankruptcy examiner report as “Lehman imploded because of a lot of mistakes that had been made.”

As Yves has repeatedly pointed out and I quote from end of Chapter 1 in Yves new book Econned: “Until we learn to call looting [fraud and other criminal activities of banksters, policymakers, and lawmakers] by its proper name, it is certain to continue.”

Repeatedly throughout this crisis, the powers that be are being allowed to frame the events leading up to, during, and after the crisis as mere “mistakes.”

The word “mistakes” should be banned from the lexicons of the powers that be who are rewriting the history of this crisis as just one big mistake, it is a dangerous,vague, inaccurate, and disingenuous word to the public.

To view the Senator Dodd and Christina Romans video clip:

Jon Stewart: In Dodd We Trust