Never let is be said we are above jumping on the bandwagon to promote the site.

This month, we are going to test the old adage that “you can’t put a price on friendship.” We say you can and we say that price is $74.70! That is how much money you will save annually off a monthly premium subscription for each friend you refer under our September Refer-A-Friend program.

After the debacle of the July contest, where we offered $1,500 CASH for referrals and we had the lowest response yet to a promotional, we went back to spending our money on Google ads and, I’m sorry to say, Google kicked your butts! 2,300 PSW Report subscribers signed up in August vs. just 1,300 referred in the July contest. Nonetheless, our overall marketing campaign is on track and we have already crossed the 9,000 subscriber mark on the reports, way aheadtowards our goal of 10,000 by the year’s end.

By the way, a lot of Report Members want to know if they can keep getting the PSW Report for free and the answer isYES – by referring a single friend each quarter, you are able to extend your own free trialsubscription.What about my $74.70 discountper friend you may wonder? That is just as simple: Refer 10 friendsfriends inSeptermberto a FREE newsletter trial subscription(they must, of course, “opt in“),and you will get a PERMANENT 25% discount onANY PSW MEMBERSHIP. On a monthly premium membership, that is and $896 savings per year ($89.60 per friend). This is in addition to any other earned discounts UNLESS you already gotyour 20% bonus discount the last time we did this.

If you refer under 10 people, you will still get a 20% bonus discount through the end of the year but, after that, you’ll have to qualify again in our January promotion but no effort made will ever be wasted as 10 referrals over timewill always lock in your discount. Even just 20% on a $399 annual Alert subscription is $79.80 – that is the price of friendship!

Surely you know 1 person who would be willing to check out our free trial Newsletter so they can help you save $74.70 on your subscription? If you know 10 such people, then that is how much money you will save every month of the year off a Premium membership and, when prices go up, you will save even more as the discount…
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