This first comment is an introduction for SharkOpciones.

My name is Sergio and I am responsible of SharkOpciones. SharkOpciones is an spanish educational e-learning site focused on teaching about How to Trade Options and Spreads.

I would like to thank to TraderPlanet for the opportunity to share with other traders my knowledge about Options and Spread Trading.

My posts will be focused in two kind of commentaries:

– For beginners: I will post articles of main technical concepts of Options and how they works. The idea is that somebody with zero knowledge can understand the basics.

– For intermediatte/advanced: I will post articles and proposals of Trading Strategies, explaining the reasons of the entry (Fundamentals, Technicals and Sentimentals), as well as ROI targets and secondary exits for adjustments.

I will post both in English and Spanish, in orther to help the most of people I can. I apologize for my english ortographic mistakes.

If you are interested in Options and Spread Trading, please feel free to comment or ask anything. Your questions will be welcome.

Best Regards.