There’s one thing in life that I can’t stand and it’s being manipulated. It’s so insulting at any level and this article is rather disturbing when you consider all the ways that you as a shopper are being herded like cattle every time you go inside your local grocery store.

It’s so big brotherish when you realize you’re every move can be monitored by this VideoMining software. Let’s be honest, we know our habits are being watched, but I didn’t realize to this extent. I think it’s important since every person is a consumer to know the different ways that we’re being manipulated.

Below are some excerpt from the article to give you an idea.

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But psychology is at work here: selecting good wholesome fresh food is an uplifting way to start shopping, and it makes people feel less guilty about reaching for the stodgy stuff later on.
But supermarkets know shoppers know this, so they use other tricks, like placing popular items halfway along a section so that people have to walk all along the aisle looking for them. The idea is to boost “dwell time”: the length of time people spend in a store.
But shelf-positioning is fiercely fought over, not just by those trying to sell goods, but also by those arguing over how best to manipulate shoppers.
It uses image-recognition software to scan the pictures from security cameras of shoppers while they are making their selections.
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