I love that word. Hiatus. It makes me sound all intellectual and sophisticated, even a bit artistic.

It’s what I am going on. I need a short break, a defined one week break in order to put things back together.

I got an offer from one of my brother’s friends to manage his IB account, which is just $5k short of $25 (he lost $8k using 4x the margin for each one of his trades). I’m excited. I get 10% and can put some money into the account myself. I don’t have much, but if I skimp here and there I might be able to muster together a few bucks.

I also need to get some things together at school. I did get guaranteed admission to UC Berkeley, whenever I want to go. Yes, like this Fall or next Spring or the following Fall. Whenever. I’m somewhat stoked, but stressed out too.

Which is why I need a break. And a defined one so that I don’t spend all my time feeling guilty that I haven’t updated. Now I can feel guilty when I think about updating: “You should be focusing on other things right now,” is what I’ll say.

The contest is still running. Check out this post for the signup info, and this post for a list of the prizes.

Website, take care. I’ll be back in a week.