Say Good Morning to Bearish Wedges,

(Too many bear pattern to list starting from SouthAfrican ZAR, Spend some time with Eur-Usd Charts as these charts pop up a bit surprizingly to my eyes

Btw. if SPX builds it´s own now also (bear wedge), overthrow likely going to happen or then it´s missing someto the upside, I have difficult to fit waves for it yet to complete pattern, perhaps it´s not impulse at all but it differs from currency pairs patterns. It trades 856 which is new high also for a while. Wedge lines draw it higher.

Eur-Usd looks alike build one another bear wedge (in subminuette count) again to top at 1.3260 with last W5. We live weird times, wedges everywhere !

(Be Aware of possible OverThrows).

28.1 – 2008 I did edit Eur-Usd Chart by overnight as B wave came similiar size of of A, at least that´s what is does look alike now = 2 first charts for most important Eur-Usd.

28.1-2008 Updated Eur-Usd 5 Minutes Chart (Huge Island Occured).

This starts to look reasonable difficult, Eur-Usd comes down everytime, but 2 hours datachart fib 23.6% at 1.3220 seems to have no interest to give it away, hopefully tomorrow brings more power for it..