Applying Newton’s laws to the current market we can surmise that a market in motion will stay in motion until something stops it. I still am hearing a lot of expectation that the market will soon correct in a significant way. Perhaps that will be enough to keep it going longer than anyone expects. I don’t know. This upcoming week the market may correct a bit but it still may only be a short correction with further gains still to go. Same for Gold and other commodities. The rest of the year should be interesting.

S & P 500 (ES) – Trend is up. Currently on buy signal from 11/09 at 1091.75.

Sugar (SB) – Trend is still down with no trade in place.

Silver (SI) – New buy signal on 11/13 at 17.38.

Gold (GC) – Trend is up but overbought. No trade in place.

Soybeans (S) – 11/03 long trade was stopped out with loss. Trend is now down but getting oversold.

Cocoa (CC) – Trend is down but oversold so no trade in place.

Dow Jones (DJ) – Trend is up with long trade in place from 11/09 at 10,192.

Soybean Oil (BO) – Trend is up with long trade in place from 11/11 at 37.89

Coffee (KC) – Trend is down with market getting oversold. No trade in place.