Knocks this fib without able to go throw all asian market it seems. Opened short for it, but with extreme stop of 1.3590 as it is very possible european breake this fib if asian´s are too shy – so, I might be too early bird in here to hunt shortside. Gbp-Jpy has also resistance at .618 (147,80) in here so does EurJpy at 130.90. It´s a question again how far these B waves goes. Some of them looks very agressive as Gbp-Jpy chart while UsdJpy have legs open even to 97.15 if needed.

As many other charts like GBP-JPY still could leave W3 options open even after consolidate this latest uprally this EurUsd chart looks very odd for me in here. It reminds me a UsdJpy recent B wave uproad in 60 min chart. With 1,3570 A=C would be true. C wave might look a bit too short in here.