I had been shorting all night in Asia EUR-USD again, but it seems I am not only one, someone else shorted SPX 808 (50%) also. I like the EUR-USD combination of macd when all; 30, 15, 5 and 1 minutes confirms to short side all together and they do.

While earlier speculated 50% would be bottom, it really did (missed that one while was outside), then it stopped it right with 78.6% movement again, 1.3300 making another double top (=sideways zigzag). I did short it again with 1.3285 while oscillators made a rollover and I don´t think my triple zigzag is correct because when looking a 15 minute bigger chart it´s actually clearly missing W5 impulse wave down. If this 1.3230 (=same 50%) area fails to hold in here I would call this new impulse, besides I never buy same fib twice.

Well, we propably see tomorrow or the next day if I am right or wrong, but SPX is not far away anymore from 770 area, which I speculated on sunday evening to come to the tape during this week. If there´s W5 missing, this is only very first part of it.

We´ll see if we´ll live. I will not leave tonight any overnight positions. Which makes things a bit more tricky is that long lasting diagonal chart below, it won´t support an idea of new impulse.

Well, let´s take another look tomorrow. Well, closed my shorts now & time to go sleep, I will not leave today any overnight positions open, because b wave down in here should not be an impulse (if we consider zigzag scenario) and there´s no pattern available to trade either.

Good week, hopefully it stays like that !