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Look to Silver to Capture the Next Leg up in Precious Metals Prices

With the US Federal Reserve backed into a corner by a mountain of toxic assets and soaring US deficit spending, the easy way out is to invite, foster and perhaps even beg for inflation. With the world currency markets, foreign central bankers and even US politicians seemingly willing to invite, foster and perhaps even beg for a significantly lower US Dollar, there would seem to be yet another historical inflationary building block in place.

Never in the history of modern trading have there been so many ways to invest in commodities, and record amounts of capital are already flowing aggressively toward them. We would suggest that the sub-prime crisis has also caused investors to diversify and that the allure of more traditional financial instruments and the attraction to real estate might remain damaged for years. That in turn seems to be increasing the flow of capital toward the metals and a host of physical commodity markets. In short, we see the interest in tangible hard assets continuing to soar, especially with inflation prospects and the action in the Dollar putting commodities on a very high pedestal.

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