Today was an incredible trending day and I did not catch any of it, in part because my watchlist and premarket mover list – none of them were incredible runners and I restrict myself to that in the morning, and I made one trade in the afternoon, and was wrong on that call.

I looked at FAS around 9:45am at $6, and it closed over $7. It was one of those kind of days that seem to be a no brainer – anyone can make money on swings like this, everyone but me! Wow, what tankage on FAZ!

# Following Rules Behavior Chain % Wins Gross Net
6 50% -1 33% ($0.30) ($0.39)

BTE -.13 LONG I was stopped out by .05 cents and then it proceeded to move .70 cents. I was chasing a little bit and did not buy on enough of a pull back. Also, still testing out some rules on these pre-market movers, they seem to work better when you let them break out of their morning opening range before getting in.

ING.12 SHORT My entry at $6.70 was near LOD and would of made a great long, which was what my signals were showing on this one, not sure why I shorted it.

CRA +.14 LONG Best trade of the day followed my rules and maximized profit without leaving too early or late; could of flipped this one as it would of been a nice short.

RT -.10 SHORT Entered under $3, with a stop over three – was weak during first rally and held until EOD, when I was stopped out in a late PM spike.

USU +.06 SHORT Chased, did not enter on a bounce up, was stopped out for a small profit.

HIG -.15 SHORT Entered under $9 in the afternoon, thought it would be a reversal set-up, fading strength as the market looked like it was making a lower high – and then levy broke through upper resistance, long tall green candles everywhere – and I was short!

Will be back later with more reflections and my list for tomorrow.