Funny post by Dr. Brett about the excuses traders make (including me!) when we are losing money…add these to the mix: “the internet went down” and “my charting software is acting up”. Well, both those happened today to me today. The net connection was just a temporary thing, but reminds me I need to set up a back-up plan, especially when I start with real money again. Today, right after I entered a position – my internet went down and I didn’t have a stop order in. Fortunately, it went back up by the time I needed to exit. On the software front, Strategy Desk continues to freeze from time to time on my PC, and their customer support hasn’t been able to figure out the problem (works on my lap top – but I want to use it my main computer). My desktop is going on five years old and I’m ready for an upgrade – I have enough work dealing with my trading actions let alone having computer hassles.

# Following Rules Behavior Chain % Wins Gross Net
2 50% -1 50% $0.36 $0.33

DRYS +.11 SHORT ~ Entered after the morning run-up just under $5.70. Market indicators overall were showing a pullback and this break-out above opening range high looked to be topping.

DNDN +.25 SHORT ~ Lucky play, shorted under a whole number acting as resistance. This baby had thirty cent one minute candles – I took profit not following my exit rules, but this was lucky as it spiked a buck right afterwards. This was a great day trading stock today.