Will take a green day anyway I can get it, fading strength / resistance by shorting worked today against the trend…

# Following Rules Behavior Chain % Wins Gross Net
3 66% 2 66% $0.33 $0.295

BAC +.22 SHORT ~ Entry on nice bounce up, $7.84 after test of $8 didn’t work. Left $.40 on the table by not following my rules; had too tight of a stop (against my exit rules moved stop too close out of fear of losing profit) at $7.60ish pause, this was hit by .03 cents and then ran down to under $7.20.

DDR +.28 SHORT ~ Entry right at strong resistance @ $2.69. Let run until end of day.

PLD -.07 SHORT ~ What a mover today from my list last night. I didn’t catch the freefall and didn’t want to chase. Shorted when it neared $6.00 on a $.30 cent bounce. I had my stop at $6.04 and it went over just that by $.03 cents and then retested the lows as I thought it may.

Good day. By my stops getting hit so often, I believe this is evidence that I’m chasing and not waiting for pull backs / bounce ups enough for entries. My stops are often at logical short term resistance / support levels – so it makes sense the stocks may go test those again. Need to wait a bit maybe for better entries, as well as not over-riding my exit rules to let winners like BAC fully play out.