Last night, I was up past 1am (insomnia), and then woke at 5am (for work). I was determined to get some market practice in today, so I paper traded though the market open. I was not as sharp as yesterday. Then TOS Paper Money was freezing up and I couldn’t get my second screen to operate, how annoying! Lesson to remember is when I’m using real money, I should take these types of days off – with little sleep, and so many distractions. Today’s paper trades:

# Following Rules Behavior Chain % Wins Gross Net
4 50% -1 25% -$.16 -$.19

BIOD -.27 LONG ~ Looked like it was going to be a biotech runner but I jumped into too soon not waiting for my entry signal, and to compensate I put in a wide stop order – which was triggered. The stock did not soar to pre-market highs, I think in part because it was not really FDA news, just that that the company was going to submit an application in coming months. Once this stock broke trough it’s morning range, it was a good short. Yngavi left a message in comments on how to trade this set up, and I have to look that up.

TIBX +30 LONG ~ Nice entry, followed rules and exited by them.

FAS .09 LONG ~ Thought this was a pause under $7, buying on dip. /rally failed and sank quite a bit. Managed this with a tight stop.

PQ -.10 Short ~ No real indicator gave me the signal to enter this stock, stop triggered.

Symbol Last %Chg Vol ADR Open High Low
RHT 15 -1.77 5.3 Mil 1.15 15.31 16.46 16.6
DRYS 4.75 -13.95 450 Mil 0.59 4.85 5.44 4.26
HTZ 3.86 1.05 877 K 0.48 3.85 4.33 3.37
NVLS 15.24 3.89 4.8 Mil 0.84 14.89 15.73 14.05
CPWR 5.99 6.77 3.2 Mil 0.28 5.62 5.9 5.34