Felling really sluggish this week, swinging from the overtrading mode of seven days ago to hesitation – oscillations between fearful greed and greedy fear. At the same time, I’m more attentive to looking at what’s going on the charts, indicators, price action, etc. This morning I was in disbelief of the rally after the gap down because of my bullish bias; I passed on buying FAS on a pullback that would of been profitable.

Note to self: $TRIN opened spiking to 3 (a sign that things were getting too bearish) but dropped to .6 by 10:00am ~ signaling that a rally may be coming and a reversal from overnight tankage. VIX did the same thing going from 45.5 to 43 by 10:30am.

# Following Rules Behavior Chain % Wins Gross Net
1 0% -1 100% 0.07 0.055

SOA+.07 SHORT ~ Entered at resistance and very high RSI(2) over 99. Didn’t hold on per my rules for at least a .10 scalp. Dropped .20 total so far and hasn’t neared HOD again.

My goal tomorrow is to get at least 4 trades in.