Our Primarily Focus for Today is on REIT…

Morning Highlights

STI gapped down and opened at 2657.40. It is trading lower than the support range between 2667.82 – 2676.54. This indicates a short term bearish on the market. In fact, the market seems to be forming an island reversal but more confirmations are needed from the next few days of trading.

The individual sectors are having mixed performance. We will have to see which sector is able to hold up in the later session. As of now, Hiap Seng is holding up well –> this could signify a lookout on Engineering Sector..

Nonetheless, based on the current market situation and unsatisfactory sectors’ performance, we advise all trades to be entered with cautious and small risk until a clearer picture is seen.

Tokyo-traded shares fall sharply in early action, once again led by exporters’ pain over the ever-stronger Japanese yen.

STI created a low of 2640.99 at almost 10am (Singapore Time).

Quick Picks: Here is a quick pick screen that we have designed to pick out potential stocks, both Bullish and Bearish. These are measured with emphasis on larger changes in price and volume.

Bullish Stocks (Singapore)








1 MRNG MediaRing Ltd 0.28 0.22 0.34 To enter as Market Order
2 CATL Capitaland 3.89 3.81 3.97
3 Cosmosteel 0.51 0.465 0.556 PROFIT – CLOSED at 0.52
4 CACT CapitaCommercial Trust 1.03 0.96 1.10
5 WTHS Wing Tai Holdings Ltd

broke high of 1.88. Wait for setups

6 ARAM ARA Asset Management Ltd broke high of 0.845. Wait for setups
7 Beng Kuan Marine 0.365 0.31 0.42
8 SPRM Singapore Press Holdings Ltd 3.89 3.79 3.99
9 NOBG Noble Group Ltd 1.99 1.82 2.16
10 YAZG Yangzijiang Shipbuilding 1.08 1.01 1.15
11 China Environment 0.755 0.695 0.815
12 Ying Li 0.605 0.485 0.725
13 Marco Polo 0.465 0.425 0.505
14 HSEN Hiap Seng Engineering 0.7 0.64 0.76

Stock Prices last updated at 15.33 (Singapore Time)

Afternoon Highlights

The Market is still performing poorly, trading close to today’s low of 2640.99. We don’t wish to see this low be broken.. else, there might be a chance for the index to go even lower..

Design Studio clear high of 0.515. To wait for setups