Morning Highlights

Singapore market rose in opening trade on Friday after Wall Street closed higher overnight, with the key STI up 10.43 points at 2924.37. Market is going sideway…

  • Epure change name to SoundGlobal 

Japanese shares also edged higher, finding strength from a rise for the Dow industrials, with Asahi Glass Co. among the bigger advancers, but with shares of Nikon Corp. heading lower.  

News Updates:

  1. Dow industrials extend win streak to eight days with 46-point gain.

  2. Palm trims its losses, but key smartphone sell-through falls short of expectations‏

Quick Picks: Here is a quick pick screen that we have designed to pick out potential stocks, both Bullish and Bearish. These are measured with emphasis on larger changes in price and volume.

Bullish Stocks (Singapore)








1 SCOF Super Coffeemix 0.755 0.70 0.81
2 IFAR Indofood Agri Resources 2.38 2.16   2.60  
3 GAGR Golden Agri Resources 0.605 0.55 0.66  
4 WTHS Wing Tai Holdings 1.92 1.81 2.03
5 CATL Capitaland Ltd 4.12 3.99 4.25  
6 UOBH United Overseas Bank 18.96 18.42 19.50 (Entered on 17/03)
PROFIT – CLOSED at 19.50
7 PWAY Parkway 3.17 3.08 3.26 PROFIT – CLOSED at 3.20
8 HBEE Ho Bee Investments 1.86 1.75 1.97 PROFIT – CLOSED at 1.88 yesterday
9 SGXL Singapore Exchange Ltd 7.93 7.74 8.12 PROFIT – CLOSED at 8.03

Stock Prices last updated at 14.49 (Singapore Time)

Afternoon Highlights

Index did attempt to challenge the high of 2947.08 that was created on 11th Jan 2010, but failed to hold above.  High chance we will see a correction from this point, especially after index had climbed over 100 pts over the past few days, before a firm breakthrough of 2947.08 and challenge 3000 level.

  • SGX to start coffee futures in April

We have already closed our position on Ho Bee in yesterday’s session. For those are following us, but yet to close the position, in our opinion, we will attempt to close at 1.88 today, otherwise, 1.87 by end of day. As of now, we have no open positions.