First, to focus on the positive, I was net $165 or so on the week. By far my best 5 days of trading and a nice start for July.

Stock Shares Gross Fee Side Net Set-Up Actual
APWR 200 -12 -2.71 Long -14.71 Bot-Bou Mixed
AIG 200 31 -1.71 Long 29.29 ORH-BO ORH-BO


UPDATE: Wow, AIG really took off from my $10 entry, almost kissing $12! Pulling the trigger and letting winners run….continue to have to be my focus.

Just another off day. Today I had a ton of uncompleted orders, both because I never started them or I hesitated a bit and price moved away from my limit price. To be honest, I probably prevented losses nearly as much as missing some winners today, and I have to remember that, it was more prevalent today than I can remember before.

Trading is a performance activity – like a sport. You can do lots of planning and prep, and post action review. But it’s what you do in the moment – on the field or court – at clutch time. This is a mental issue I need to grapple with.

AIG – I made some money off of it today, but left a bunch on the table. On the trade, I took my partial profit properly but didn’t let the rest run to what would of been my next price target of $10.50. It’s knocking on $11.00 right now! My first instinct was to short AIG around $9 and that was one of my un-started orders, and one of the losses I missed by hesi-trading. But I passed going long at $9.45ish, and then shorting on the rocket candles right after it first blew past $10.00. Finally got in on the retake of $10.00 with volume and bullish level two action.

APWR – Not a great set-up, price was in no-where land not near a solid whole number or ORH / ORL. I saw some volume there that would help with a bounce but I got caught in a range. I helped drive the price to the bottom of the range through a market order and got lousy fills on my exit.