Maybe now that Barack has likely sealed the deal, so, too have the bears. /br /Actually, I wrote the text for today’s column before noon today, as even with Barron’s Online’s lightening fast publishing turnaround it’s still not real time. When I finished the piece the Dow was down about 70 – not much more than yet another wiggle in /br /When the editor got through with it and sent it off to production, the Dow was down 180 and sinking. I really hate it when the market starts to drop before I get a chance to tell everyone I am more bearish. Usually, it is thanks to the Fed but today it was just a heavy market sinking on /br /But don’t get too excited yet bears. The May market is still the same old head-fakey place it was yesterday. Oil is soaring today but I’ve seen reports that Gann analysis pegs now as a top. Can’t argue that since I just don’t know. But it does seem that oil is getting a little carried /br /So if the stock market is reversing here or if it has a few percent left in it, I think we remain in a bear market. I can’t wait to see the AAII poll numbers this week to see if the ranks of the bulls are still increasing as they have been for /br /Does anybody care that 52-week lows are still beating new 52-week highs? Oh, the humanity!