While market rallied a bit today before coming down again during afternoon, I do suppose now that right shoulder was placed with 850. Still, it´s industrial / dow jones driven path down, QQQQ is more flat as negative.

Cisco might keep some mild postive air on the SMH/SOX part, but I do expect market to start coming down again, nor later that next week if we consolidate / zigzag rest of the week. Very lazy market indeed.

Eur-Usd rallied about 130 pips since last post, but my trailing stop did exit it allready for 50% + 61.8% fibs (marked in chart) and I don´t think that count is valid anymore, it starts to look much more than bearish HS pattern also (too many of those nowdays everywhere you look), even it´s still trading above my original entry setup post. It´s doing pretty much nothing anymore meaning sideways zigzag tonight, there´s big risk that more impulses could follow down for it.