While this ZigZag down looks really long lasting lazy ZigZag I think we have reversal coming from here to the upside. I call this triangle “house” pattern, SPX 878 was real key and didn´t get throw. I didn´t short Eur-Usd either, because I really don´t you will get much success do deal with W4 corrective waves. Perhaps that 1.3815 might be on the table later during the week. I´ll propably wait that 1,4150 area or if it does build any pattern or if EurJpy does. Still have EurGbp long, but I have to confess this sideways progress all over starts to get very boring, perhaps all summer is going to be this lazy. Gbp crosses are most close I am watching do they get success to go throw daily fibs to open much longer lasting road for upper daily fib resistance.