Today’s FSC template examines the equity side of the VIX-0-meter posted yesterday and compares the SPY (shaded area) with gold, oil,the Euro, Qs and the dollar.  The underlying Prognosticator signal in the lower panel is focused on the SPY and, as in yesterday’s post, the increment is 3 day bars. Looking back a year we can quickly assess the dynamics of sector strength relative to the S&P.  Clearly there have been periods when the lowly dollar was the momo choice whereas gold has been the champ since August.  The other variable we can judge at a glance is the relative risk or drawdown of each momentum chart and from that perspective oil has been the best performer since September.  This chart reminds us of the old Lazy Man’s system of a year ago and tomorrow will feature an update of this model and its performance relative to the basket posted today.

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