ESH- Yesterday’s reversal was ominous, but momentum is giving a buy signal.
NQH- 1200 is a pivot point today.
USH- Momentum buy day, 12814.5 resistance
JYH- Buy day, 11258 resistance
ECH- 12755 was last swing low.
BPH- Quiet range today, look for a directional move later? 14424 is a breakout point.
CDH- 8032 is Fib support, momentum buy day.
GCJ- Upside breakout over 918.20
SVH- Upside breakout over 1228.5
CCH- Breakout day sale is progress, 2718 support
SBH- Momentum buy day, 1280 resistance
KCH- Still looking for a breakout move
CTH- 4950 support
SH- 965 support, momentum is bearish
WH- 572 support
CH- 375-4 support

GDP wasn’t as bad as expected, Chicago PMI and consumer Confidence are still due.


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