SPH:Doji, breakout mode.Clearing 873/876 double top would be big.
NQH:Ditto on the formation, double top around 1287.
USH:Rallying on a breakout mode day, looking to buy. 12627 is a potential breakout point, 12717 is first upside objective.
BPH:Momentum sell short day.
GCJ:Momentum buy day, held 892 support. 909.50 is resistance.
SVH: 1318 was the high for this move, momentum is bullish.
COH:momentum buy day, 2770 is trendline support.
Grains:I like the long side of soybeans and meal, but haven’t looked at the USDA reports to see what effect that will have.

Crude inventory report is out at 9:30 Chicago time.


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