NQH- Trendline support at 1158.
DJH- 7852 was last swing low.
USH/TYH- Breakout coming.
JYH- 11258 is Fib resistance.
ECH- 12755 was last low.
BPH- 14014 is Fib support.
CDH- 8025 was Friday’s low.
GCJ- 903.50 is Fib retracement support.
SVH- 1228.5 support.
COH- 2467 is Fib support.
SBH- Momentum is still bullish; 1290 and 1305 resistance.
CTH- 4899 was support, bearish MACD crossover coming.
SH- 965 key support, looking to sell.
SMH- Broke trendline support last night.
BOH- 3213 is recent low, support.

Bad news on banks, PMI is out at 9 AM Chicago time.

This is the morning update to my Swing Trader’s Insight advisory
service. For information on STI, and to sign up for a free two week
trial, visit here: http://scotthoffman.danielstrading.com/


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