CPI was a non event.Negative sentiment continues, with the Dow futures taking out their November low.

March SP:Momentum is still bearish, 766 is support.
March NASDAQ:I came in short from yesterday. 1153.50 was the last swing low.
March Dow Jones:Broke the November low at 7398.
March Treasury Bonds:Momentum buy day, 12808 is resistance.
March Dollar Index:Momentum buy day, 8857 and 8870 are resistance.
March Japanese Yen:10567 was the last swing low.
March EuroFX:12540 is support.
March Canadian Dollar:7888 was the last low for the Loonie.
April Gold:Good rally on a breakout day, 1000 is resistance.
March Copper:140 is support.
May Sugar: 1290 is support.
May coffee:Breakout setup; 11105 is the downside breakout point.

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