The day’s delay in the financial rescue plan is being blamed for the weakness in stocks and the dollar today. I’d say it’s just some correction to a huge rally Friday. It’s a slim week for economic releases-Washington will be the big focus.The USDA releases a grain production and supply/demand report Tuesday morning.

SPH:Momentum sell short day today, 853 support.
DXH: Last week’s low was 8512.5
JYH:Momentum buy day. 110.10 is resistance.
ECH: 13008 was Friday’s high, 13063 was last week’s high.
BPH: 14964 resistance, old swing high.
CDH:As I said in Friday’s STI, I like the long side over 8180.It had a big rally overnight; wait for a clearer picture before buying again.
GCJ: ID/NR and doji Friday=breakout today.890.30 was last week’s low.
HGH:Momentum sell short day today, double top at 163.
SH:Broke trendline resistance last night, 1007-6 was Friday’s high.
WH: 555 support, 570 resistance.


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